Ever wonder what drives your interests? Your DNA may hold the answer.

ConnectMyDNA™ compares your DNA to 89 global regions based on modern day demographics and migration patterns over the past 20-30 years!

  • Which populations resemble your DNA today? The answer may surprise you.
  • Drawn to certain ethnic foods? Maybe it’s in your DNA!
  • Fascinated by different parts of the world? Maybe it’s in your DNA!

See if your interests match the story of your DNA. It’s easy and fun for everyone! Learn more about you from the inside. ConnectmyDNA… Bridging your past to today.

Gene Ring

ConnectMyDNA™ produces a DNA profile that we then transform into the Gene Ring™; your personalized genetic emblem.

The Gene Ring™ has 13 rings that correspond to one of the 13 DNA markers tested. Inside each ring are colored bars which represent the different values passed on to you from each parent. Light green bars indicate you received the same value from both parents.

Country Matches

We compare your DNA profile to every country within your selected region to provide your top country matches.

Each country’s population group was created from DNA samples of the country’s recent inhabitants. Using an average of everyone tested, a singular DNA profile was created for each country.